About Moira

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My photography journey started so long ago its hard to remember when I first picked up a camera.  But capturing small people began about six years ago, and since then I've been lucky enough to photograph some beautiful people, from newborns to the elderly.

I believe the love and emotion that links children and families together should be documented through story telling.  As a former journalist obviously I love telling a story.  

Let's start at the beginning.  Your baby is only 'so little, for such a little time'.  The newborn phase is over so quickly and they will never be this sleepy or tiny or curly again.  This time is magical and beautiful and these moments deserve to be cherished.

And little people grow into big people, so  I like to capture them being kids . . . jumping in puddles . . . playing in dirt . . .  walking the dog . . .  cuddles with Mum and Dad  . . . and turn these occasions into more lasting visual memories.

Every moment in our journey of life reflects beauty and magic . . . and deserves to to be captured so that future generations can cherish these moments forever.

When I talk photography with friend and visitors, I try to educate them on the importance of family photographs for the generations to come.  There is life long pleasure in retracing our activities,  celebrations and just living, by looking at photographs.

Keep these memories alive for your family.

To enquire about a session or just to say hello, you can reach me at moira@blincoephotography.co.nz or on 027 47 33 038.

Newborn Photographer, Auckland, NZ

Family Photographer, Auckland, NZ

Portrait Photographer, Auckland, NZ

Children's Photographer, Auckland, NZ

About your session

My studio is located in my  City-based house. I try to use natural light as often as possible but often supplement this with soft studio lighting.  I am not limited to studio work and enjoy getting out to different locations which can be anywhere of your choice - a beach, a park, your home or just somewhere that has special meaning for you.

I want you or your children to be the centre of the photograph - I don't use a lot of gimmicky props - my preferred style is natural and pure but full of emotion - whether it's in the studio, or outside on location.

While I give a time guidance to my sessions, in reality time is unlimited - I will take as long as it takes to capture those images that you will treasure for ever.  Sometimes little people need to be coaxed out of their shells a little - we can do this together, so that I can capture the connection and love within your family.

After all, it only takes one hero photograph of your and your family to make your heart melt.


You're having a baby!  Congratulations . . .  this is such an amazing time in your life  . . . one to be cherished . . . and definitely documented.

There is nothing more beautiful than an expectant growing belly.  I would love to capture you and your bump in a natural environment, either in the studio or at a location that is special and meaningful to you.  

The best time to contact me is early on in your pregnancy so that you won't miss out.  If you want to have a maternity and a newborn session, we can book your maternity shoot for anywhere between 32 - 36 weeks.   

It is great if your partner is involved in your photo shoot, and if you already have little ones we can include them too.

Then your story will be complete.


Brand new, soft and silky, with that distinctive aroma of a newborn. 

There is nothing more delectable than a photograph of a newborn baby. With each newborn baby I meet and photograph, the beauty in their expressions and small, delicate features continually amazes me.

The ideal time to photograph newborn babies is between 7-14 days of arrival as they are still lovely and sleepy.  We get them 'milk drunk' so they are easy to mold and curl into different poses.  If you can’t manage a photo session within this time frame, it doesn’t matter – I can still capture the beauty of your baby at a later date. 

You should allow up to three (3) hours for a newborn photo session. Some of the time is taken up with preparation – including feeding and settling baby.  But I will work with you to ensure baby is warm, safe and settled so the session is an enjoyable experience for you.

To book your newborn photo session, email me at moira@blincoephotography.co.nz before your due date. 

If your baby arrives early contact me as soon as you can afterwards so that I can make a session available for you.


Babies are difficult to photograph - there's no denying it! So when is the best time to capture them?

Ideally, from three months onwards when they are stronger and can hold their head up and are also comfortable on their tummies.

Six to eight months is another good milestone as babies can sit up and they are starting to discover and explore everything around them.

Dress them in their special outfit or bring a few changes of clothing that you particularly like - hats and caps look pretty cute on babies. If we're doing a studio session you might also like to bring a few of their favorite toys or books, or even their special cuddly to include in the photograph.

If we're photographing outside then we'll rely on the natural beauty of the outdoors.


As your little one leaves the baby stage we often forget to keep photographing them.  They are really developing their own personalities now . . . remember to capture the joy, the fun and their own unique traits in fabulous portraits in and out of the studio.

I am happy to go to a park or to the beach, or another of your favourite outdoor locations.


There's so many ways to capture the essence and uniqueness of family ties.  I would be delighted to tailor make a family lifestyle session for you and can travel to locations within the Auckland radius.  Photographs are best captured in a natural environment such as a park, the beach, your favourite City landmark, or your home and garden.

Auckland has an abundance of beautiful locations and most of them are usually right on our doorstep!

I have a huge passion for photography, but the passion goes deeper than just 'loving to take photographs'.  It’s a love to capture a special moment in time, and a love to create! It's 'freezing or seizing' the moments in time and turning this into a piece of art work for you.

To be able to hand over these special moments, as a piece of art to you, so that you can treasure that moment forever .... is magical and satisfying for me.