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Education is incredibly important and our craft is one where we never stop learning. I recently joined a number of other professional photographers at a 'Creative, Business & Wedding Workshop' given by Wellington based wedding photographer, Jason Naylor and the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP).

While I do not shoot weddings full time, I do enjoy working as a second shooter for other photographers, so it was another excellent opportunity to upskill from one of the best in the country.

Weddings are all about people and portraiture is my 'go-to' genre so I knew it would be valuable for me.  Jason took us through the entire process of how he handles a wedding - from communication with the bride and groom; preparing for the wedding and scouting locations - if the bride hasn't already told him what she wants; camera equipment he uses (which is minimal); positions and angles to shoot from within the Church or other venues, through to posing the couple/bridal party; workig with the light and finally through an editing workflow.

Not every photographer can share their knowledge but Jason was probably 'the' best I've heard in sharing his craft and knowledge, being patient enough to tolerate all the questions and explain how and what he does, and often why.

Of course we had a 'stand-in' couple to play the bride and groom - Zoe and Junior - who have actually been married just four years.  A beautiful couple who were naturals in front of not just one, but nearly 30 cameras, who exuded as much love on our day as they probably did four years ago.  And to top it off, we learned as they departed, they are the parents of two sets of twins!! Amazing. Check out 'Blessed in Doubles' and read about their amazing family.

Being able to photograph them throughout the workshop was fabulous and I think I was able to capture the mood and feel between the bridge and groom.

I'm looking forward to second shooting a few more weddings this coming season.

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