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When you choose to Christen your baby it can be a very emotional time - will your baby be good; will your baby scream through the service; choosing Godparents and much more?

These days too when a baby is Christened your baby is not alone, but usually Christened among any number of other babies, of all ages and ethnicity.

While photographing a Christening service would be nice, in reality, because of the constraints of time and numbers it is much easier to do some follow-up photographs after the event.

As was the case recently when young Arie - who lives in Hong Kong  - but was home for a family holiday and his Christening.

So his Mum, his aunt and young cousin Jasper popped into the studio for a very quick session so the family could have some keepsakes of Arie in his beautiful antique Christening gown.

And we managed to persuade camera shy Jasper to jump in for some cuddles and photographs with Arie too.

Don't forget the importance of recording your special family celebrations and occasions.

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  • Arie