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Stand in line in any mall where Santa waits to meet the little ones and you can bet there’ll be more than one child screaming.

This melt down is nothing more than stranger anxiety – which all kids go through at some stage in their life.

But Santa is not only a stranger, he’s dressed up in a big red suit, with a long white, curly beard and speaks in a deep voice – no wonder the kids are scared to death of him.

Some parents will queue for up to an hour, but as soon as they approach Santa to put their little one on his lap – often this is the moment of truth for them, as they are so frightened and have no time to get comfortable with this new found human being!

So what’s a Mum to do in a situation like this?

Experts say you can try to gently coax your child towards Santa and ask if they want to sit on his lap and speak to him.

But if that proves a no-go, then the next best thing is to introduce them to Santa via picture books and other static displays in shop windows.

Recently I took my granddaughter to meet Santa at St Luke’s Shopping Centre.  We’d talked about him all morning.  We even stood in line and she seemed happy as she looked at him and the other kids sitting on his knee.

But once it was our turn to sit beside him, she didn’t want a bar of him, and she clung to me like a magnet.

So back home in the studio I remembered our own ‘little’ household Santa who was much more her size.

And we met him in the safety and comfort that she was used to. Being able to gave into his eyes, touch his beard, he was someone she could relate to and talk to.

She even showed him what she wanted for Christmas!!

Just goes to show a ‘live’ Santa experience is not the ‘be-all and end-all’ to enjoy a magical Christmas.

There’s always next year to try again.