Keeping family memories

How many times do we tell ourselves, "we must get some photos of the kids done?"

Way too often I hear quite frequently.

Well this happy family came to the studio the other day to celebrate little Cameron's impending first birthday, and also because they though it would be good to update the family photographs.

Christmas is just a few weeks away - don't miss your opportunity to get your family photos done.

And remember - they make awesome presents.

As a grandparent - we love to see photographs of our little poppet all over the place.

But then it's pretty easy to photograph her - at almost two, she asks for 'photos' and 'lights' whenever she comes to spend a day with her Nonie.

There's still time to get your treasures photographed - just call me on 027 47 33 038.

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  • Kellie & Cam
  • Cameron
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Creating an adventure

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, and of loving what you see in front of you.

From shooting to the final print, photography should be an adventure in seeing. 

What you have caught on film - or digitally these days - is remembered forever.

It is remembered forever by the people who remain long after we have gone, and long after we have forgotten everything in the first place.

Through my photography and interacting with clients, I aim to make a photo session as enjoyable and perhaps adventurous as possible - especially for the little ones.

Adventures can take place in the studio, or on location, or in your own house.

Today I've been adventurous in redesigning a Pricing Guide and finalising some package options for clients to choose from.

If you are interested in booking a photo session, please email: or call me on 027 47 33 038.


Making memories count

It's that time of year again when we start to scramble and think, "oh my gosh it's only six weeks to Christmas; what am I going to get 'so and so' this year?

I hear the cries of frustration and see it over and over again. Sometimes I fall into the same trap.  Not this year - we're getting organised early!

As a parent we get more and more difficult to buy for because we're at that stage in life where we can (hopefully) afford to buy what we want, yet we don't want a lot of incidentals because they only take up space and end up as clutter.  And if you are like me and don't like clutter around the house, well accessories for the house are best left up to us to buy.

That's where photographs come in!

Photographs of family members, or pets, or a favourite location that means something to someone are the perfect presents for 'the hard to buy for' family member!

Most of us photographers are currently chasing up clients to remind them not to leave things too late; to get themselves organised and book the children in for an update; and then tick the grandparents off on the Christmas Present List.

Photographs are timeless as they capture a moment in time. And that moment will forever be etched in the memory of the lucky recipient.

By the time you read this there is just six weeks and two days until Christmas.

Don't leave your run too late.

Book a photo session today by calling me on 027 47 33 038